How does EPs® 7630 work?

Unlike other remedies, EPs® 7630 tackles the root of the infection with a triple mode of action to combat respiratory tract infections (RTIs):

  • It increases the body′s defence against viruses,
  • it stops the growth of bacteria,
  • it loosens thick mucus.


Unique triple mode of action

Antiviral properties

Since 90-95% of RTIs are of viral origin, the antiviral mode of action is the first line of defence against infection. EPs® 7630 rapidly mobilises the body′s own immune system (especially the ”natural killer cells”) so that invading pathogens — mostly viruses — are killed.


Antibacterial properties

EPs® 7630 prevents bacteria that have already invaded the body from proliferating, thus preventing a bacterial superinfection. A superinfection is when a viral infection builds the basis for a subsequent bacterial infection due to a weakened immune system. Furthermore EPs® 7630 stops bacteria from sticking to healthy mucosal cells by coating the respiratory tract mucous membranes with a protective film.


Mucolytic properties

Our respiratory tract mucosa are covered in small hairs known as cilia that beat mucus out of the lungs. These cilia are responsible for transporting mucus, dirt and pathogens out of the respiratory tract.

EPs® 7630 stimulates these cilia to beat faster. As a result, the viscous mucus is quickly transported away thus reducing the number of bacteria in the respiratory tract and removing the bacteria′s nutrient base. The result is vastly improved breathing.

Product Characteristics

EPs® 7630 is distinct from other products on the market thanks to its unique threefold mode of action:
  • It fights viruses
  • It stops the growth of bacteria
  • It loosens thick mucus
Unlike other remedies, EPs® 7630 not only relieves cough & cold symptoms over a short period of time, but it also tackles the cause of the infection. Thus it shortens the duration of the illness and helps people to recover and feel better faster.

Unique Triple Mode of Action

EPs® 7630 is one of the best researched plant based cough & cold medicines in the world. It features a unique mode of action that treats acute respiratory tract infections like the common cold, acute bronchitis, acute sinusitis and tonsillitis , and it is suitable for the whole family.

Dosage forms of EPs® 7630

EPs® 7630 is available in three different product forms – solution, tablets and syrup – to serve different needs. In general EPs® 7630 is suitable for adults and children from the age of one year.

Usage of EPs® 7630

  • For best results, start with treatment as early as possible – ideally right after first signs of symptoms
  • Use 2–3 days after symptoms cease completely to prevent a relapse

Depending on the severity of the symptoms, use other medication to ease symptoms, e.g. pain relievers and decongestants.

EPs® 7630 is naturally safe and effective, and interactions with other medicinal products are generally not to be anticipated. There is no risk of developing microbial resistance.

If symptoms persist or worsen, please consult a doctor.


Special patient groups

EPs® 7630 is suitable for many special patient groups too:


Diabetics – the amount of sugar absorbed in the daily dose is diabetologically irrelevant.

Patients with coeliac disease (gluten enteropathy) – EPs® 7630 products do not contain gluten.

Children ≥1 year of age.

Patients with intolerance to lactose – solution and syrup do not contain lactose.

Vegan patients – solution and syrup do not contain animal products.

Product availability

  • EPs® 7630 is available in over 50 countries worldwide under various brand names such as Pelargin®, Umckaloabo®, Umcka®, Umckalor®, Kaloba®, Kaloban® and Renikan®.